Terms & Conditions

Just a few rules of thumb to work by;

I hate endless  Terms and Conditions in complex language which nobody understands and prefer to work with simple agreements, 1 signature of us both, a handshake and our word of honor.

Since most my clients are in the music or publication industry, I assume I don’t have to explain a thing or 2 about copyright violation, illegal disclosure or -distribution without you having the explicit written rights to my work.
I assume you are as sensitive about your creative work as I am, so let us stand together in this.

With that out of the way; the following is possible;

  • Any picture ordered, you’ll receive in the highest resolution in which it is stored.
  • You can order a picture for unlimited use
  • You can buy-off my copyright and do whatever you want with the picture.
    (except claiming you’re the author and sell the picture and/or the rights. I can still use the picture for my own promotion and I can keep claiming that I have made it)

If you rather have it the old fashioned way, you can of course buy a license to an image too.

Hire me…

You can also hire me to take pictures of you/your band. We agree on what pictures you want and the following is possible;

  • You hire me for a fixed amount of time for a fixed price. You’ll receive all technically successful images (my judgement).


  • You hire me a fixed price per hour and we’ll keep shooting for as long as it takes to get the job done. You’ll receive all technically successful images (my judgement).
  • All pictures get a default correction (lens, color, etc.). It’s included in the price.
  • For an additional charge per hour I can edit the technically successful images (it wil be in the quotation)
  • As an addition to the previous, I can also handover the used memory cards to you. In this case I can’t use the pictures for my own promotion (unless you give them to me) and I can’t claim any copyright. If this is what you want, state that clearly so it will be in the quotation. This cannot be negotiated at the day of the shooting.

Or… Do you want something different? Let’s talk!


Due to regulations I have post Terms and Conditions and GDPR / AVG, so here they are:

Notice: they are hosted on my main site, open in a new tab and are written in Dutch.

LoudImages is a trade name of vkPMA