Venue Training & Management


If you run a festival a venue or a company which uses a lot of images, LoudImages can be of assistance too.

Besides being a photographer, I am a projectleader at my own company and I am a DAMguru!.
Got an ever growing archive, it might be a good idea to get together over a cup of coffee and talk about the possibilities!

Another chore is the selecting and managing the photographers/press at your festival or venue. Everyone is keeping track of photographers and if they show up, but there is hardly any follow up. LoudImages can keep track of the photographers present at your festival or venue and keeps track of their publications about your venue or festival. Not only your festival or venue; we want to be the biggest database of reliable press persons in the netherlands.


Most venue’s have volunteers operating the light, phography and video equipment. If you you want to professionalize your hardworking crew to give your audience a better experience at your venue, LoudImages can lend you a hand. LoudImages doesn’t train your crew in how to operate the equipment, but how to use it to the full extent and to get maximum synergy. Better audience experience and better pictures and video’s from your crew and the press will draw more people to your venue.


Interested in a training or in management? Let’s Talk!